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Swimming in Rincón is a year round thing. The average water temperature is only 74-80 degrees, which is quite comfortable. From November thru March, the northern shores of Rincón is home to frequent wave action. The best place to swim is usually the coastline area at the Public Beach headed south. From April thru August, the lack of surf action makes the waters that surround Rincon smooth as glass, including the usual surf spots! A very popular year round swimming beach is Playa Corcega.

SurfingSurfing Rincon, Puerto Rico
Rincon has long been known for some of the best surfing in the Caribbean. The regular surf season usually lasts from November thru March. This "winter" surf season is dependent on the low-pressure systems and cold fronts that come off the U.S. East Coast. There are the occasional surf swells during the late summer months of August thru October; these isolated swells come from the tropical weather patterns generated off the coast of Africa, during the peak of hurricane season. If you are interested in learning how to surf, there are lessons available with experienced surfers who also supply the boards. Surfboards and body boards can be rented from the local surf shops in town.

Scuba Diving
Scuba Diving Rincon  Puerto RicoScuba diving in western Puerto Rico is known to be the best of the island because of its underwater geological diversity. Rincon has two excellent dive operators that can take you out to various dive spots including the islands of Desecheo and Mona. Both Desecheo and Mona Island's pristine diving conditions provide over 100ft+ visibility at any given time of the year. The two islands are also designated as Natural Reserve Parks which protect both it's own land as well as marine resources. Diving is also excellent along the shoreline of Rincón. If the surf doesn't allow for diving in one area you can always go south to La Parguera, you're sure to get some diving done!

The local dive operators also run trips for snorkelers. Desecheo and Mona also have excellent snorkeling. One of the best places to snorkel in Rincon is Steps Beach. A "proposed marine reserve" (not yet official), the area around Steps Beach is home to one of the best coral fringing reefs in the Caribbean, because it is home to the Elkhorn Coral (Arcopora palmata) which is highly threatened worldwide and on it's way to becoming an endangered species. When snorkeling in the area, please do not touch, bump, break, take or walk on the corals. Besides being harmful to the coral, you may get seriously cut and scraped up. Also, state and federal law prohibits the taking of corals.

Horseback RidingHorseback Riding Puerto Rico
If you have always dreamed of horseback riding near the beach, you've come to the right place! Currently there are two horseback riding operators in and around the Rincon area. There is one located in Isabela, which offers two-hour riding tours that include secluded beaches, a few tropical trails and caves. Rincon also has a horseback-riding operator, who takes you on a tour of the coastline trails located in Rincon. Both of these operators have the elegant Paso Fino horses, the national horse of Puerto Rico, "paso fino" means "fine pace", with these horses, you are guaranteed a smooth ride!

Deep Sea Fishing Rincon Puerto RicoFor those who like to fish, Rincon is home to a few deep sea fishing charter boats. You can catch one of the many different fishing charter trips that are available and designed to fill your fishing needs. Fishing charters trips are available for: the outer Rincon waters, Desecheo Island, Mona island, or even deep into the Mona Passage. Depending on the season and your excursion choice, you can fish for blue & white marlin, yellow & blackfin tuna, wahoo, sailfish, dorado (mahi or dolphin), swordfish, and more! With years of caribbean fishing experience behind them, these USCG licensed operators will take you out, show you a good time and make sure you catch some fish!

The diversity of the beaches of Rincon makes for fun kayaking. You can kayak in the calmer waters of the south side of Rincon or head to the northern beaches for some challenging kayaking in the surf! Kayaks can be rented locally.

Rincon Sports Complex
The Rincon sports complex is open to the public seven days a week. The complex includes tennis courts, weight room, 1/4 mile track, indoor basketball court, and baseball stadium.

GolfPunta Borinquen Golf Course Puerto Rico
Just because you're on the west side of Puerto Rico it doesn't mean that you can't go out and play some golf! In Aguadilla next to the Rafael Hernandez Airport, also known as the former Ramey Air Force Base, lies the lovely Punta Borinquen Golf Course. Originally constructed in 1940, as part of the original Ramey Air Force Base, this 18-hole cliff top golf course provides a spectacular view of where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Caribbean Sea. Getting there is easy, it's about a 30-40 min car ride from Rincon. There is also a 9-hole golf course at the Club Deportivo in Cabo Rojo, which is about 45 min away.

Yes, there is bowling in Puerto Rico. The closest bowling alleys are located in Aguadilla and Mayaguez. Weeknights are often "league nights" and you may have to wait for a lane. The league games are usually done by 9 p.m.

Mountain Biking
Mountain Biking Puerto RicoMountain bikes can be rented locally in and around Rincon. Although there are no actual known bike paths, there are a few areas around the Rincon Lighthouse where you can find some trails suitable for bike riding. These trails can range from smooth and easy to very hilly and rocky, there are even some trails you will find that can be pretty steep and are more suitable for the BMX aficionado. One note of caution, the drivers are a bit aggressive and they sometimes don't yield for roadside cyclists. Remember, when bike riding don't forget to bring a bottle of water!

Wind Surfing

The beach areas around Rincon are great for wind surfing. The calmer beaches are good to start and who knows, you may want to work your way to some wave action!

Skate Park
Coming soon! The municipality of Rincon is currently in the process of constructing an indoor skate park complete with a half-pipe, a street course, and more! Skateboarding is not a crime in Rincon, but always remember to use the proper protective gear.

Domes Trail Rincon Puerto RicoHiking
Over by the Rincon Lighthouse there is a place known as the Domes Trail. The Domes Trail was once where the old railroad used to run, from 1872-1953. The entrance to the Domes Trail begins at the end of the road #4413, which turns onto a dirt road alongside the beach (in front of the the old nuclear power plant). On this trail you will see the beauty of the coastal landscape and beaches not frequented by the public. You will notice a wall along the trail, this is known as "Spanish Wall". The trail used to extend all the way to the north side; unfortunately, that area's property owner has recently gated it off. There are operators who can take you on some real hiking expeditions if you like.

Whale Watching
During the winter months, usually from December through March (February is peak month),Humpback Whales Rincon Puerto Ricothe endangered Humpback whale may be seen all along the western and northern coast. These whales migrate south over 3,100 miles every year from the coasts of southwestern Greenland, Newfoundland, and surrounding areas to the warm waters of the Caribbean. Once they arrive, they mate, calve and nurse in the warm waters. Humpback whales measure 10-15 ft and weigh over one ton at birth, Whale Watching Rincon Puerto Ricoa fully mature adult measures 40-50 ft and weigh in at 25-40 tons. These aquatic acrobats can be seen communicating with one another through, breaching, swimming on their backs, tail-lobbing (slapping their flukes on the surface) and flipper slapping. Underwater scuba divers and snorkelers may hear the "mating songs" of the males. The best place to get a glimpse of the whales is at the Rincon Lighthouse Park. There is no set time of day in which the whales "come out", but you are most likely to catch a glimpse of them during the mornings (before 10a.m.) and afternoons (after 2 p.m.).

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